North Climb

Independent Fitness Facilities


North Climb Offers a wide range of services to independent fitness facility owners through out their fitness projects. Our team works closely with clients from the early market studies and marketing strategies, to concept design and construction, to product delivery and facility setup, and finally regular service and preventative maintenance throughout the facility's life cycle.

North Climb Treadmill Assembly

Franchise Fitness Facilities


with over 10 years of experience in the fitness equipment service industry, North Climb is a leader when it comes to understanding franchise protocols and working within a framework to meet the franchisee's expectations. We look after your facility through preventive services to increase equipment lifespan as well as keeping your facility running smoothly 24/7 so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Residential 11

Residential Projects


North Climb is committed to providing home owners with the necessary means to create their own fitness facilities. We offer home owners with services such as interior design, layout plan, renovation and construction, product purchasing, delivery and assembly, and finally yearly inspection and maintenance. Contact us today to speak with one of our representatives and find out how we can help you transform your space.